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With probes i've always heard the longer,...

With probes i've always heard the longer, the better. And this is a reasonably priced probe from a reliable brand. Is there anything better on the market or would this BD 300cm be the one to buy?

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Check out my review below. This is one of the top rated probes on the market. The combination of aluminum and carbon fiber makes it very light, sturdy, and durable. It is really easy to assemble and the added length over many other probes is definitely a bonus. When disassembled it is no bigger than most probes and packs really well into your pack. You should go for it. It's a great deal on one of the best probes out there.

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For me the probe to get is still the G3 Professional Tech Probe. Buuuut the locking mechanism on the BD Quickdraw is really fast, something the G3 lacks. IMO length is important, especially if the buried victim is using an avalung (increasing the time they can stay alive under the snow by up to 40+ min). I insist all my bc riding buddies get nothing smaller than a 280 for their probe. Once of these buddies purchased this and he really likes it. The only thing this probe lacks in alternating colors (makes finding victims easier), and a mushroom tip (helps the probe not stick to the snowpack and aids in glide). Other recomended probes would be the G3 Professional Tech and the BCA SR3.

Cliffnotes: 300+ is the ideal length for a probe. The BD Quickdraw is a good choice.