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Will this work with other types of fuels...

Will this work with other types of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, alcohol?

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The Snow Peak GigaPower, Auto Ignition Lantern uses ONLY Lindal valve (screw-on) type, compressed gas, fuel canisters made by @ least nine manufacturers including Brunton, Coleman, Jetboil, Kovea, Markill, MSR, Optimus, Primus, Snow Peak, etc. These canisters can be found in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, western Europe, Japan, & Korea.

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Kovea makes an LPG adapter for use with stoves, etc that allows you to thread on to Lindal valves from the standard green 16.4oz propane bottles. The adapter has a regulator screw to adjust the pressure differential. Turn it all the way down till it stops, then open it back up a half turn at a time or so ( seems to match isofuel pressure at about 1-2 full turns). Works well, runs about $20, and cuts your fuel costs by more than half.