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Will this mug handle boiling water with...

Will this mug handle boiling water with no problem for years of use?

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Hey there,
i would be hesitant to pour "boiling' water into this mug. The materials, plastic (of an unknown composition ie. #2,#3 etc) and silicon may degrade with frequent exposure to boiling water. Also, the cup will be very hot after you pour in boiling water and may be difficult to hold with only the handle as you try to pour carefully into it while sitting exposed on an expedition. be careful with the temps, let your water cool a bit before pouring or get a steel mug with an insulator, like a coozie or something

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I recently used this mug on a 3 day camping trip. I poured boiling water into it several times for coffee and hot chocolate. The mug handled coffee just fine. However that was just for one weekend. Only time will tell how it holds up over the coming years.