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Will this install onto my genuine Voile...

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Will this install onto my genuine Voile split or do I have to pay more money for that specific interface? I am a fan of this sale price...

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"combine it with any homemade or manufactured splitboard such as the Burton S-Series and enjoy the pow."ANY homemade or MANUFACTURED spltiboard----------------------------------------c'mon man

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If you have a genuine Voile split, you should already have the hardware. If you don't have the hardware, then yes, this is the kit needed for a genuine Voile split. This kit is the industry standard for all splitboard mfg's now. Depending on your year of Burton-S(pre 2006?) this kit will not work and you will have to FIND Burton proprietary hardware. This kit doesn't work for split your own boards at home, unless you want the rotating system; then Mountain and Terrain Technologies can take care of that for you.