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Will this fit on any hydration system hose...

Will this fit on any hydration system hose or only Platypus brand?

tweak: the real question is.. is a platypus hose a different size than a camelbak hose or a nalgene hose or do all the companies use a standard size hose for their hydration systems? saying it was designed only to work on a Platypus hose doesn't mean it can't work on another hose, we just need to know the hose size, right?

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I would only recommend it for a Platypus hydration system. It was designed and manufactured primarily to work only on Platypus hoses. If it is bought to be retrofitted to any other hose, you will be taking a chance of it not working.

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I have swapped these onto many different types of hoses - it works with all I have tried - outdoor products, camelbak for sure. The connection size seems to be the same as on the camelbak big bite valve and both are very stretchy (without affecting the bite valve seal).

The hoses from different manufactures are not exactly the same size - but are close - the materials vary, the inside & outside diameters vary (seperately). However they all seem close enough that most items are interchangeable between brands. I use Camelbak 90degree flow valves on Platypus hoses with platypus ergo angles & camelbak big bite valves. The only issues are with some of the Quick connects on the barb side - (quick connect sides are interchangeable) the camelbak ones are too small to be a really tight fit for the outdoor products and some Playpus hoses (kind of fits...). However you can use a 1/2" PVC tube to boost it up to a tight fit. I use generic quick fit fittings instead with a 3/8" barb - these work well on all types.

BTW I always carry an nylon inline 3/8" dual barb adapter - quick cheap repair in case of hose damage (Ace hardware...). As a Scoutmaster I also always carry a spare bite valve - one of the blighters invariably chews on his so much that it starts to leak continuously... These are the ones I carry as (very good) generic replacements...