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Will this coffee press attachment fit in...

Will this coffee press attachment fit in the Jetboil Sol/Sol Titanium along with the other four standard Jetboil items (i.e., the burner, pot support, fuel cannister, and fuel stabilizer)? Others have already noted that fitting this in the Jetboil Flash cup (1.0 liter capacity; 7.1" tall) with the other four items is doable, but a tight fit (i.e., the plastic lid is just barely sealable on the top of the cup), so I'm curious to know if the Jetboil Sol/Sol Titanium (0.8 liter capacity; 6.5" tall) presents an even greater challenge, if not an impossible one all together.

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Scott.. this will fit just take the screen and put it in the cup that protects the flux ring and the rod break in two and you can fit in side the stove

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I found it to fit a couple different ways. Play around see what works best for you.