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Will this case fit my von zipper feenom...

Will this case fit my von zipper feenom goggles?

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Yes, if it will fit the Electric EG2's (which it does), it will fit the Feenoms. In fact, you could fit bof'em.

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Von Zipper makes an even better case than this one. I'd recommend checking that one out too. This one is nice, but I think the Von Zipper one is nicer. It would definitely fit your Feenoms too. The make one that holds 1 pair of goggles and 2 extra lenses, and one that holds 2 pairs of goggles and 3 extra lenses.

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Thanks. My first choice was the VZ single harcase, but i cant find it for sale anywhere so im looking for a sencond option incase i still cant find it soon.

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dude i don't know. my eg2s get squished pretty hard when i zip the case up. it's not as deep as it should be.