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Will these goggles work at all times of...

Will these goggles work at all times of the day?

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With the ignitor mirror lens you should do alright throughout the day. It's not the best lens for bright light situations and for most people it doesn't work for dark nights but overall they would work for throughout the day.

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Some lenses will, some won't. My Scope Pros are equipped with the rc36 lens, which BC does not carry at the moment (unfortunate). I highly recommend the rc36 for two reasons; lower price and a wider range of use. I have used these on sunny days, overcast days, through heavy snow storms, and at night. No complaints, they get the job done no matter what the conditions.

Granted, the more expensive mirror lenses look super cool and are technically "better," but for all-round use I would go with the rc36. If you have the money, get two pairs; one with the mirrored lens for those bluebird days, and one with the rc36 (if you can find them) for night trips and cloudy days. Ultimately though, you can't go wrong with these goggles, no matter what lens.