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Will these goggles fit a pretty big head...

Will these goggles fit a pretty big head or are they better for smaller faces? Thanks!

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These will definitly fit a big head (I should know, I have a giant head).
And it should fit over (if you in fact do ride with) your helmet, unless it is so big it doubles your head, in that case i suggest buying a new helmet.
But YES, these will fit a bigger head
PS, these have the elastic plastic (i dunno what it is called)on the strap which makes it a great for keep them in place once you get them on your head but a GIANT PAIN to adjust the size on the go. So make sure you adjust it inside when you have time, cause it is a pain when your hands are freezing outside and your trying to adjust it from beanie size to helmet size but you just can't seem to do it CAUSE ITS JUST SO DAMN COLD.