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Will these boots fit in Salamon Guardians?...

Will these boots fit in Salamon Guardians? Thanks!

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No offense to LightRanger, but these are NOT meant to fit in the Guardians.
Check out this review from

"A fully rockered AT sole, however, such as a SCARPA Maestrale or Dynafit Mercury, is not compatible. (Rockered AT soles are compatible with the Marker Duke.) Such boots have massive friction against the Tracker 16?s AFD, and the toe does not fully enter the binding. If you really need a rockered AT sole to fit into the Tracker, be prepared for significant grinding to the boot sole. This is best done by a bootfitter with the correct tools."

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No offense to you Cory or the guys at blisterreview - but I ski the Maestrale RS in Guardians all the time and have not had a single issue with the release. There is no need to grind the soles either as mentioned. A very reputable ski shop in CO adjusted my bindings and said they do it all the time. As an aside - I love the combination.