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Gear Question

Will the leash come off if you take a...

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Will the leash come off if you take a really big fall, or get caught in an avalanche?

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It's possible, but not likely. It's not part of the design to allow the leash to release.

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You shouldn't have leashes on in avalanche terrain anyway. The great advantage of releasable skis (other than potentially saving you from broken bones or and joint problems) is that they will release in an avalanche. I'f you're worried about losing them then get brakes.

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I put the leash on a pull loop on my boot liners that I am certain will "release" in an avalanche. You could also add a zip-tie somewhere in there to have a "break-link" if you were in an avalanche.

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After some internet research, I tried key ring loops in the system on both my leashes (in between the red clip and the wire). These are less likely to get brittle than zip-ties, but still will break with sufficient force. Started with some fairly light ones, which deformed & then broke after a few falls. Planning to experiment with some slightly heavier key rings.