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Will the heel on the Alpina BC 1575...

Will the heel on the Alpina BC 1575 accommodate a telemark binding? Are these designed to be used with cables?

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Yes. I just bought a pair of Alpina BC 1575 boots today, and I verified that they are compatible with the Rotefella cable bindings on my tele skis. There is a groove around the back of the boot and the plastic lever that flips up to engage the cable binding fits into this groove. I got the boots primarily to fit in lighter-weight 3-pin bindings that I use for touring in the BWCA. I verified that they fit into at least two different types of lighter-weight 75mm 3-pin bindings, but they didn't fit into the 75mm 3-pin bindings in the store where I bought the boots. The sole was slightly too thick for that binding.