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Will the G-14 new-matics fit on the La...

Will the G-14 new-matics fit on the La Sportiva Nepal Evo boot? One reviewer (Mountain Gear)says that they do not fit many boots (Sportiva Trango S Evo, Scarpa Triolet light mtn. boots, plastic Koflachs or Sportiva Makalus). Another opinion I heard is: "The new matic would work, but since the Nepal boots have front and rear welts, the cramp-o-matic is a much more secure connection, and is going to be faster to put on and take off... Better system overall for that sort of thing". Everyone agrees on this?

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The heel welts mean that either crampon would work for your boots. The front welt means that cramp-o-matic would work very well, with the new-matic would also work just fine. Because it has the heel welt, both crampons would be secure. If you have multiple pairs of boots you might use it on, get the new-matic, otherwise, get the cramp version.

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I use Nepals with Grivel new-matic binding and never had a problem. I concur with James Jenden though that if Nepals are your only climbing boots then the automatic binding is a better combination.