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Will the Dragonfly fuel pump work with the...

Will the Dragonfly fuel pump work with the Whisperlite International stove?

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No it won't. The reason is the pump the Whisperlite International uses doesn't have an emergency shutoff valve due to the extra flame adjustment valve located on the DragonFly stove. Because of the DragonFly's simmering capability, MSR felt it necessary to design an emergency shut-off valve into the DragonFly's pump. This is why there are two pumps (Standard Pump which will work on all MSR's liquid fuel stoves (Whisperlite, Whisperlite International, Simmerlite, and XGK EX) and the DragonFly Pump).

If you try to use a standard pump with a DragonFly, you will find the fuel line will not fit into the hole required by the DragonFly's fuel line. Visa versa, the Whisperlite International (and all other MSR liquid fuel stoves) won't work with the DragonFly's pump because of the too-large hole which only fits the DragonFly's fuel line.