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Will the 95 mm brake work with a 102 mm...

Will the 95 mm brake work with a 102 mm ski? I am afraid the 115 mm option may be too wide.

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Id go with the 115mm unless you want bend the 95mm to make it work. Just depends how you like it...

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I have the 95 mm Pivot 14 on an Armada TST with a 102 mm waist. I took a heavy file to the inside of the brake where the plastic meets the metal, in order to shave everything smooth so they don't catch on the small notch of plastic when engaging. I also bent them a very small amount. Very minimal filing and very minimal bending, and they don't stick out a mile like the XXLs would (115mm brake). Personal preference I suppose...

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I have 95mm Pivots on Pro Rider 105s. It's a tight fit but I wouldn't want the extra width of the XXL break on a ski as narrow as 105 (or 102, for that matter...)