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Will my titanium spork scratch the aluminum...

Will my titanium spork scratch the aluminum on this?

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So the jetboil is anodized Aluminum and does not have a coating. Very hard to scratch.. same material that is used on Mountain bikes. If it does scratch your not going to get teflon chunkies in you meal.

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The answer is yes. It may not scratch as easily as regular Teflon, but a titanium utensil will still scratch it if you scrape too hard. When it is scratched it will no longer have it's non-stick effect where it is scratched. Once you have even a small spot where the non-stick isn't working, cooking and dishes become much more difficult than they need to be. You can get away with using a metal utensil if you are careful while stirring and scraping up those last bites, but I would personally go with a plastic folding spork like the one sold by MSR. They're light, durable, inexpensive, and it is nice to not have to worry about messing up your pot.