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Will it work on the moon? Seriously though....

Will it work on the moon? Seriously though. In the past I have bought tents that needed to be water proofed out of the box, only the manufacturer never mentions this. Is this tent supposed to be ready to go out of the box?

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It comes pre treated with a silicone based waterproofing. Most of the spray waterproofing products are silicone based and would be compatible if you wanted to retreat after a season or two of use. It does come ready to use out of the box though. I'll have to pass on it's moon usage characteristics :) Good Luck.

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Water proofing on this tent is awesome, it survived an hour long downpour, complete with hail. It ended up sitting in some pretty sizable puddles, and my sleeping stuff was not the least bit wet.
Excellent water survival skills, I highly recommend this tent.