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Will it work in High Altitude?
I am planning...

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Will it work in High Altitude?
I am planning a trip to Nepal in few months.
Will it function in Altitudes as high as 16,000+ feet? For this trip, I need it mainly for Coffee breaks.
Any other suggestions for Sane-Budget canister stoves?


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I've used canister stoves up to 13,235' with good results. Since water boils @ 212 degrees F @ sea level, it boils @ 194 degrees F @ 10,000' & goes down from there the more you ascend. The most important factor effected by this is when you cook raw food. It would need to be cooked almost twice as long & use more fuel in the process. Since you stated you'll only be boiling water for coffee & tea, the boiling time isn't nearly as important, & as long as the temperature doesn't drop below 25-32 degrees F, you should be just fine.

Any canister stove would work for your needs. I would choose the one that has the highest BTU rating like the Coleman PowerBoost @ $63:

or Coleman F1 Ultralight @ $50:

I hope this helps & have a good time in Nepal.

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What would happen if temperature will drop below 32/25f?
Also, I couldn't find anywhere how much BTU the RP produce. Help Please.

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If the temperature drops below freezing, you'll notice a definite drop in performance. An isobutane blended fuel will give you maybe an extra 5-10 degrees. Most fuels are using this blend. Read the label. If you think you'll be experiencing lower temps, consider a remote canister stove, like the Brunton Vesta, where you can turn the canister upside down to burn the liquid fuel, or a kerosene/white gas stove.

MSR doesn't publish BTU or watt ratings, but the Pocket Rocket is rated between 11,000 & 12,000 BTU's whereas the Coleman's crank out 23,900 for the PB & 16,400 for the UL.

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I just used the stove in 15 degree (f) weather this weekend and it worked fine. It took longer to boil water, but it did work. If the temperature isn't dropping below 32f while you're in Nepal and you want an inexpensive, lightweight (essentially unbeatable) stove, this is the perfect stove for you.