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Why the price difference between this and...

Why the price difference between this and the Acrux? They seem pretty similar to me...

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Nevermind...the price difference is because the Acrux of similar size is on sale...however, is there an advantage to this pack over the Acrux?

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The Naos has more padding on the back, as well as in the single-piece hip belt, which has a pivot, to reduce chafing. Also, Naos has a couple external pockets.

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The biggest advantage is the swivel hipbelt. I own the Naos 55, and I can say that the swivel lets the pack move with you, no matter how contorted you become while scrambling over obstacles. It really feels like a part of you. The Acrux uses a conventional fixed hipbelt, so you won't get the same sense of being one with your gear. Nevertheless, I'm sure it's a fine pack.