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Why is it the Cliff Shots are the only...

Why is it the Cliff Shots are the only gels with the 'litter leash'? It's a great idea, and it seems like all the other gel companies should be using it. Perhaps there are legal reasons? If so, there ought to be a way around it; kind of like when they made beer cans with pop tops that stayed connected.

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Copyright laws often inhibit widespread concept application. It'll get around though.

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The litter leash is a good idea in theory, but it does not work for me most of the time. When I pull the tab I usually accidentally (even when trying not to) pull the entire top off of the gel pack. Fortunately I can just throw the top in my little trash zip lock and don't ever even think about how I am ever going to throw both my top and bottom gel pack away. I think it is really more of a gimmick, because I am really not stressing geting both in the trash, it is really not that hard people, and I am not that lazy.