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While watching some videos of this device...

While watching some videos of this device I've noticed people have issues keeping the break rope in the groove along the top of the horn and instead are having it come off and to the right (in right-handed belay situations). My question is: Is this an issue that will inhibit the device from locking if the person falls. And if so is it something that just becomes natural so it no longer is an issue? Or is the horn only used when letting them come down the wall/rapping.

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Having the rope come off the horn at the bottom of the device is not a problem when belaying. The device still locks up perfectly. The horn is only really necessary to lower someone with the device. With out it, it would be very hard to lower someone because of the way the device locks up. So when lowering you just put the rope on the horn groove and use the horn to leverage the device out the locked position.