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Which would be a warmer coat this one or...

Which would be a warmer coat this one or the dc helix jacket? I know this coat is a bit longer, is it baggy too?, I'm 5'11'' and prefer my coats on the baggy side..

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The Helix is warmer. It has a nylon liner while the Hestra has a polyester mesh.

Most DC stuff is baggy and long. For comparison measure the inseam of your current baggy jacket and compare it to the size chart right above the "add to basket" button on this page.

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Hey bro this jacket is sick! It's baggy just like normal DC outerwear. The sweetest thing is that it's long! I personally like this as you have that nice long baggy fit but still have the advantage of technical outerwear as most jackets of this style are usually only 5k waterproof or less. The Celtic green color is sick too! Hope this helps. Peace