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Which of these three jackets would be the...

Which of these three jackets would be the best choice for Colorado Skiiing? I don't always want to have to be layering and unlayering, so I am looking at insulated jackets.

Or the third (and most expensive) option - Norr?na Lofoten Gore-Tex Primaloft Jacket - Men's

Any feedback would be awesome

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I own the Stoic bombshell coat and I love it. One major difference I think you will find between the Bombshell and the other two is that the bombshells outer material is much lighter. It is thinner and somewhat stretchy. I love it. I haven't tried the other two, but I'm sure the Bombshell will be thinner because it is not Gore-Tex while the other two are. I have owned Gore-Tex and it is a wonderful material, but it is much heavier then the stoic coat. But, on the other hand, the bombshell will be much more prone to tearing.
I feel like the Lofoten and the Powder Bowl are going to hold up longer, especially if you tend to hit trees. Another thing to consider is the thumb gaiters. If you like theses (I do) they are great. But if you don't like them (at times for me) they can be cumbersome. They are always on your hand so you are quite aware of them. The Powder bowl jacket is the only one of the three without the gaiters.

Good huntin' to ya!