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Where is the sensor on this watch? I love...

Where is the sensor on this watch? I love the vector, EXCEPT for the sensor position. You had to take the watch off to get accurate measurements. I got a great deal on a Pathfinder PAG-80 and since had to retire the Vector.

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By sensor, I assume you mean the pressure/temp sensor. It's at 12:00 on the outer rim of the caseback, rather than the 9:00 outer rim of the Core and the very odd inset 7:30 of the Vector.

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The barometric pressure sensor is on the top center of the back of the Ambit. I have been using the Ambit of over another month and have had spot on accuracy with the baro/altitude reading and the GPS. Way more accurate than the Vector. The Ambit is the way to go if you want speed-distance-alitude and a TON of other info.