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Where can you buy the fuel canister from,...

Where can you buy the fuel canister from, it says sold separately?
How do you refill the gas?
What type of fuel can you use?
I see that msr sells extra fuel bottles, would that work for refilling any fuel canister?

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Any sporting goods or outdoor supply store will sell the fuel canisters.
Refill is accomplished by changing out the empty fuel canister (attaches to the underside of the stove).
Use isobutane/propane mix fuel.
As long as the msr replacement fuel canisters are compatible with this stove, you can use them.

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when you say "fuel bottle" do you mean the bottles used for the whisperlite stove or the isopro canisters used for say a pocket rocket? Any type of canister should work (might be some performance issues with different fules but all have the same type of attachment) but the fuel bottles MSR sells would not work with a canister stove. Canister stoves have the disadvantage of needing a whole new canister when they are empty or getting low.