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When it came out of the wash all the down...

When it came out of the wash all the down was in big clumps. is there any way to get rid of this?

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I have personally never experienced this, my suggestion is to as best you can work the bundles out by hand. Or for a better explanation call Special Blend. They should know what to do for sure.

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you arent supposed to wash it in a washing machine you have to do it by hand it even says that on the tag.

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Go buy a bottle of Nikwax "Down Wash" and "Down Proof". Use the Down Wash for cleaning your coat and the use down proof to restore the fabrics waterproofing. Depending on the manufacturer of the jacket, some coats can be cleaned in the washing machine on a delicate cycle with cold water then let it drip dry. To get rid of the clumps put it in the dryer on tumble dry with little to no heat. If that doesn't remove the clumps, this is recommended for down sleeping bags, but I dont see why it wouldn't work for a down jacket - throw a couple tennis balls in a pillow case and tie of the opening, then toss it in the dryer with your coat. It will help break up the clumps. Let your balls do the work.