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When comparing the WM bison and the Marmot...

When comparing the WM bison and the Marmot CWM, it seems both are great bags, similar weight, quality, etc. However, is there anyone who has compared them for shoulder, hip, foot girth, other than the numbers supplied by the companies? Roominess for a big guy in the long sleeping bag would decide for me which is more suitable.

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This is a roomy bag. Seriously. 64" gives you enough space without feeling confined and not too much space so that you are wasting your heat trying to warm an oversized bag. I don't know about the Marmot bag dimensions, but you'll be very happy in the Bison!

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I have the Bison and my girlfriend has the Marmot. Both are great bags, but if we were to pick one ?�it would be the Bison. One nice thing: The two brands have mating zippers. woooo!

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The Marmot CWM -40 is extremely packable, but the -40 rating is highly pimped out, IMHO. I was able to stuff it into a 31ltr compression bag without any struggle, but it is not warm enough for Denali-- for sure. I was disappointed with The BISON because it is crazy huge and stiff as hell...but it's got its own fan base, if you try to badmouth the Bison on here, I'm sure they'd bite your head off ! LOL