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When calculating my torso length should I...

When calculating my torso length should I take into account what I plan on wearing when using the pack? Like with the Kode line, most people would use it in the winter with all their layers.

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That should not make a difference for torso length. The distance between your iliac crests and c7 vertebra doesn't change with extra clothing layers. If it does, please seek medical attention immediately.

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Layers don't effect the frame length enough to notice and there is plenty adjustment in the straps for the average person to cinch down and loosen up as needed. If you are between frame sizes, usually going with the larger works best, but it depends on the frame construction. I usually make a point of trying a frame size before purchasing but even then, you really don't know how comfortable it is until you've worn it packed to the gills and walked for hours. Good Luck!