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When I saw this tent in store, it almost...

When I saw this tent in store, it almost seemed as though the pole structure was sort of flimsy. Has anyone had any experience with this tent in bad weather, can it hold up against high winds?

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MSR say it can hold up to 60kl/p (37/5ml/p) is a light Weight tent!
If u need a tent for high wind dont go for light Weight.

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Hey Mike, aside from the actual rating and the lightweight nature of the tent, high winds require you to use your guy lines properly with any tent. Sustained winds and bigger gusts might cause some weird distortions at times, but you would be amazed at how rigid a structure you can get when you set up the extra anchor points. I use an even lighter weight 3-person MSR tent of similar design, and I've found that it holds up great against all the elements, including winds.

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I pitched this tent for a night in Death Valley when the winds were sustained at 40mph and gusting up to 70mph. Every other tent was flattened and the Mutha Hubba was fine. Only problem was the fine silt that blew up under the fly and in through the mesh.

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I second the Death Valley comment: EVERY other tent was just a pile of fabric. Also pitching technique does matter in high wind no matter the tent: pitch with the short end facing the wind, anchor your stakes. This tent has been on dozens of trips over five years and still going strong.