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Whats up with the 3 season recommendation?...

Whats up with the 3 season recommendation? Are there cons to using this tent during the winter?

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That depends on how and where you plan to use it. It's going to be mostly an issue of structural design when it comes to snow loads and wind. Then there's also the matter of not having any way to close off or fine tune your ventilation with a 3 season double wall and mesh set-up. Also, along the lines of wind and the tent distorting: when the tent moves, and the warm air has a place where it can be forced out (ie: mesh), it's replaced with cold air that's sucked in. That said, as far as being on the snow and only a couple inches, at most, of snow accumulation, you'll be fine, especially if you get up a few times and knock the snow off the fly. If you're good with that, knowing that not doing it is going to eventually leave you with at least a sagging and worthless fly, if not a completely collapsed tent, you're probably going to stay in fairly good shape under almost all but the worst conditions. Get good at rigging up all the guy lines, and always try to find a spot out of the wind. Hope that helped.