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What's the temperature range of them?

What's the temperature range of them?

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Hey Gabriel,

Gloves usually won't have a temp rating because people's bodies are so different, it's a rather subjective thing. It will depend up on gender, size, and circulation. However, these have a pretty hefty dose of Primaloft synthetic insulation and fleece, these are going to be on the warmer end of the spectrum as far as gloves go. I have 100G primaloft gloves, and they were usually too warm for all but the very coldest days here in Utah (around 15-20 degrees F). I also have pretty decent circulation and don't get cold hands too often.

If you do suffer from really cold paws, you may also want to consider a mitten, since they tend to keep hands a bit warmer than gloves as your fingers keep each other company.

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Black Diamond's official website has temperature ratings listed for each glove. This particular glove is rated at -12/-1 �C, 10/30 �F.

But like Lexi said, it's subjective. I'm not sure if the ratings posted are just a result of some testing or just suggested guidelines.