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Whats the story with using these on non...

Whats the story with using these on non burton boards - ie with a four hole setup? Someone mentioned in the review that there was difference in the height/thickness of the 3 hole versus 4 hole screw plates?

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These come with two sets of discs- a set of four hole discs for non Burton boards and a set of three hole (non ICS/EST) for Burton boards. Since the three hole discs are for Burton boards, they reward you with a layer of plush EVA foam on top of the disc. The four hole ones have no foam, this is Burton punishing you for not having a Burton board to go with.
Honestly though, I have these with the four hole discs on another brands board and they are still very comfortable. The EVA foam on the three hole discs is just an added feature, it has nothing to do with compatibility.