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What's the $100 dollar difference between...

What's the $100 dollar difference between this binding and the other dynafit options?? Is it just a lower din setting or is this particular dynafit model less torsionally rigid?? I am an aggressive skier of 20+ years on a 96mm waist ski looking to do more touring and could really dig bindings that weigh in at 24oz!! I can handle taking a knee to change the climbing setting, but if this binding isn't going to deliver the juice I want to my edges.......... Any advise would be great y'all.

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The RV value (not really a DIN technically) is the same as on the ST line but lower than that of the FT. The other thing you give up for the money are the brakes (vs. ST and FT) and the semi-rigid connector plate (of the FT) that adds some stiffness. But what you do get is a pretty significant weight savings making these a great option for a nice light touring setup.