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What temperature is an R value of 5 good...

What temperature is an R value of 5 good to?

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5 would be sufficient for winter use. There really is no temperature rating because there are too many factors. I.E are you in a tent, what kinda sleeping bag do you have, are you on snow, are you on dirt. If you are using it in the summer you will be just fine. Only in super cold below 0 would you have any problems

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It should get right down to 0 to about -5* Fahrenheit. Pair this with a quality sleeping bag and you're in business. Add a tent and you can probably get by as low as -10/-15. Though that would depend on what kind of sleeper you are, inclusion of liner, etc. Assuming you are a motionless sleeper, (since this is a mummy formation) you'll be very comfortable in this in about any condition.