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Gear Question

What size skirt fits the Perception Essence...

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What size skirt fits the Perception Essence 16.5 kayak?

Responded on

It depends on what brand you purchase as they are sized differently. The cockpit size is 35 x 19.5 inches.

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Seals skirt size 1.7 according to Seals.. But weirdly enough it says size 2.2 for the 17' version but the cockpit size is the same for both boats. So I'm not sure I understand.

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The Seals 1.7 skirt fits fine on both the Essence 16.5 and the 17. We have one of each.

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Spray skirts are very universal, and are meant to adjust to MOST kayaks. There are a select few out there that are designed for one cockpit size. I think if you read the info about the spray skirt specifications it will tell you what will fit and what won't. If you stick with Seals,, Harmony, and some other main streams you will be just fine.