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What size? I'll probably only be in 4...

What size? I'll probably only be in 4 person teams, on the temperate glaciers of the Pacific northwest. I was going to pick the 19cm just because I assume longer ensures a better "bite" but the 22cm might be overkill. I don't ever plan on doing any vertical climbing. Any advice for a newbie? Thanks!

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I believe the 19 is the most versatile. Depending on your budget I'd get 2 19's, 1 22cm and 1 shorter one (13cm?) Long is nice if you have thick enough ice, but if it's too shallow a screw that's too long will be worse that one that's too short.

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Thanks Ryan, I'll probably grab up a 16cm and see what I think. (I've moved to AZ so I don't have the same amount of access)

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I'm adjusting my answer based on a few more years. 16cm is, IMHO, the size I use most of the time. They are plenty long, but are short enough to keep you from hitting rock too often. That said, you still need some 19's especially when creating an anchor in spotty ice.