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What kind of sleeping bag would fit easily...

What kind of sleeping bag would fit easily in the pack? (20-5 degree weather)

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The Baltoro is big enough that just about any down sleeping bag in that temperature range will fit. Most quality synthetic bags will fit as well. The possibilities are wide open.

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I've got an REI Halo 25 degree down and it fits in the bottom compartment with a sleeping pad and pillow. You could honestly fit any down bag in there.

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If you just stuff the sleeping bag in there (no stuff sack) it will fit just about anything. When I put a synthetic bag into a dry sack I had a few more issues with getting it to fit right. Down bags you shouldn't really have any issues just because they compress really well.

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The sleeping bag compartment would accomodate most down and synthetic bags, however the compartment does appear to be a little bit smaller than what I have seen on other packs