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What kind of cookware would I use with...

What kind of cookware would I use with this? I know Jet Boil has its own but what works best with this system, primarily for boiling water for one or 2 people? Thanks!

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This stove has both a large burner area & wide pot supports enabling you to use most types of cookware. All you have to do is decide how much you want to spend, which size, & type of material would be most beneficial. I personally like solo titanium cook sets because that's the type of cooking I do, mainly boiling water for food pouches & tea. Check out these options:

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Thanks, I agree those solo titanium sets look good. Is 700mL a good size for on or 2 people?

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A 1.5 liter size would work better for two people. The 700ml would involve multiple boilings & there wouldn't be enough room if you had to cook a double meal in your pot.