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What kind of bolts do you use for typical...

What kind of bolts do you use for typical holds?

I know its normally 5/16" and When I go to any fastener site I find the 5/16" bolts but, I get this weird sizing i.e.
5/16-18x3/8 SOCKET CAP SCREW or

How do I know what to get for my climbing wall?

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5/16"= diameter of bolt- second #= (pitch) threads per inch - final #= length of threaded portion of the bolt, or to where the shoulder of the bolt or screw head sits flush with the surface of the material you're fastening through. NF refers to National Fine, which is why you get more threads per inch (24 versus 18).

I don't know this product, so can't tell you what bolts to use, but it looks like there are at least a couple different sizes and types. Maybe see if you have enough included with the set itself, then if you need more, order accordingly, or take a sample down to the local hardware store for comparison. Anyhow, that's how to read the specifications on bolts. Hope it helped.