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What is wrong with my feet?

I got the TPS...

What is wrong with my feet?

I got the TPS last year, but they are causing me problems. I broke them in on some wet 1 day 10 mile trips with >1000 climbs and loved them. Then I set out on the Highline Trail and had problems by the second day. I developed fairly severe pain where my achilles tendon attaches to my ankle whenever I took on serious grades. It was scary. I ended up ascending Kings Peak (highest point in Utah) and another 10,000 feet of mountain passes in my knockoff Walmart brand Crocks that I had brought as camp sandals.

I wore the Asolos on all the downgrades (where they were fine) , but the only way I could climb without pain was in the sandals.

I think the Asolo boot is absolutely great, but they seem to hate my particular feet. I am hoping someone knows what the issue is and can suggest an alternate style/brand of boot that will work for me.

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i actually had a similar problem with my asolos this summer. it got diagnosed as bursitis below my achilles, caused by my foot overpronating, or rolling too far in whenever i took a step.

if your problem is because of the same reason mine was, i would get a pair of insoles. my personal favorite is the superfeet green insoles. they give more arch support than the stock asolo insoles and help stop the pronation i was having whenever i took a step.

of course your achilles pain might be because of an entirely different reason, in which case i'm no help at all.