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What is white gas? ok thank is...

What is white gas? ok thank is it safe to use with automotive unleaded gas?

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"White gas is the name for pure gasoline, without additives. This was commonly used when leaded gas was normal, to prevent fouling in situations where the properties of the tetraethyl lead additive were not required".

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The stove is great but I would not use unleaded gasoline on any advice. White gas is commonly called Naphtha but it is not unleaded gasoline. Aside from the additives other then lead in gasoline that are used to work in compression engines the burning characteristics are significantly different. Do not use gasoline.

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Unleaded like the name states, has no lead, but it does contain other additives. In a pinch, unleaded was used by me, and it worked. A little smokey on start-up, but ran well when warmed up fully. Not a wise choice because of the additives. Unleaded produces poisonous combustion by products and cause nasty deposits to build up inside the vaporizer/valve assembly. It may also effect your seals. As soon as suitable fuel was available,(naphtha from a hardware store), I swapped out the gasoline immediately. If I had a choice, I would NOT use unleaded.