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What is up with that stupid sticker???


What is up with that stupid sticker???

Like Kurt Z mentioned in his review ... there is a warning sticker on the pot, containing the same warning information that is attached to the burner (the actual combustion device!) that is impossible to remove without toxic solvents. My first experience with a $160 stove ruined by a $0.25 sticker. I really hope Cascade Designs gets this one sorted out - it pissed the hell out of me, and maybe others?

Haven't really used much yet but is very impressive on first use. The first time you see the stove primed after warmup is incredible and leads you to a "wow, that is badass" moment.

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What do you mean by ruined? Was it not able to come off? Or does a little "goof-off" take care of it?

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I contacted MSR because I had the same question and here was there answer

We had to elect a “permanent” adhesive for the warning label to satisfy a variety of requirements, many of which are specific to an integrated stove system, so the label is not intended to be removed. The label itself is a durable, waterproof stock that is very heat- and chemical-resistant, and was tested to withstand a lot of abuse. Unfortunately, we are stuck with the label as it is… One of the most stringent regulatory agencies that we deal with is CSA (the Canadian Standards Organization). They explicitly require permanent labeling for certain things. Although the standard was not re-written with the advent of the integrated stove system, we try to be conservative in our interpretation and in our measures to comply.