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What is the waist size range for the tall?...

What is the waist size range for the tall? Someone told me my 31" waist would be fine but on REI it says the range is 37 - 42 in. Which seems kind of big. Does anyone know if my 31-32 in waist will work with a tall?

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you will be really close i would go and try one on. But i think that you will be ok.

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I went to REI and they didn't have one in stock to try on, but they had a Bora 95 tall and it fit. Are the belt systems the same?

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no it will not fit, i had the same question having a 32-33 waist and i got it and had to send it back because full tightened it felt fine till i put all my gear in it, and with all that weight it wont hold onto that skinny of hips