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What is the strenth or what is KN mean...

What is the strenth or what is KN mean ?

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It is a way to know the strength it can thake...
22kn= +-2200kg

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22kn equals approximately 5000lbs. Kn is a measure of dynamic force vs. a static load. For comparison the worst rock climbing falls rarely ever generate more than 10kn for an average sized person and a normal fall generally doesn't generate more than ~3kn.

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kN isn't a measure of dynamic or static loads, it's simply a measure of force, just like lbs. There is no differentiation in dynamic or static loads from a units point of view, but rather the magnitude of the force is different. For example, a static load of a climber 150 lb (667N = 0.667kN), whereas if the same climber falls a short distance, he may exert a dynamic load of 500 lb (2224N = 2.224kN). kN is simply the metric unit of force equivalent to the lb, and makes no differentiation between dynamic and static loads.