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What is the shelf-life of a cannister of...

What is the shelf-life of a cannister of MSR IsoPro?

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We've actually been told that, to be safe, it is recommended to only store your canister fuel up to 3 years. The reason for this is that the Lindal Valve used on canisters, which allows the stove to be removed from the canister and then re-inserted, has a rubber O-ring that can deteriorate over time. Because the fuel inside the canister is highly pressurized and flammable, the O-ring can fail resulting in fuel leakage. Best case scenario is that the vapor will leak out resulting in an empty fuel canister. Worst case is possible ignition resulting in a fire hazard. The likely hood of this is rare, but possible. Fuel leakage will most likely not happen in three years, but to be safe, the time period of 3 years has been agreed upon by those who manufacturer the Lindal Valve. In other words, you take a risk of leaking fuel after a 3 year period.

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Thanks Jason. I know the time is probably going to be longer, but the official word is a good reference point. We have a stash of these for our earthquake supplies. We're under 3 years on those, so we'll start rotating them with replacements when the prescribed time comes.