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What is the most important gear I could...

What is the most important gear I could buy to start building up my climbing gear? Like carabiners, rope etc. I know about harnesses and heltments, but all the different types of rope and locking things confuse me. Or if there is a website that can educate me much thanks!

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For bouldering in the gym, you need shoes and a chalkbag. For bouldering outside, add a crashpad. For sport climbing outside, you need shoes, chalkbag, quickdraws (probably at least 15), a harness, a rope, a helmet, and some kind of belay device. Vastly more importantly, you need to know how to USE all of these things. If you have a local gym, talk to them about learning how to lead, belay, and other basics like that.

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You should also get a PAS -Personal Anchor System if you are climbing outside. You might not need 15 quick draws if your routes aren't that long. The routes i was doing were about 60-80 and only needed 6-8 quick draws and maybe an extra one or two

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Honestly, if the "locking things" confuse you, I'd say take a couple classes or have a guide take you up the mountain first. Knowing where you will be climbing and what type of environment you'll be in will help you choose items to build your rack and what kind of rope you'll be using. I'd recommend starting out with an anchors class and top-roping outdoors first. This involves minimal equipment and will get you used being outside. Don't rush leading and throwing together a rack you might not get a ton of use out of.