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What is the inside measurement of these...

What is the inside measurement of these watches? I am thinking these as gifts for my neices but I am afraid they might be too big. They are 7, 10, 11 years old and very active girls. Thoughts?

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I am a bit lanky and have small wrists for a guy. I bought the 18cm and it fit snug. If you were to pick up a 17cm it would probably fit the little ones pretty well.

I mainly bought this watch as a simple substitute because I break watches a lot from being active. This little thing is tough and would definitely stand up to any punishment they could dish out.

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dont buy...waste of cheap..our gift was defective and no receipt so stuck with..Not as TOUGH as they say if time piece pops out. Plus find them something made with quality made in U.S...HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND