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What is the difference between the NTS...

What is the difference between the NTS wool and the standard? The NTS is $5 more and I can't find a good explanation for the ultimate advantage compared the standard version. Thoughts?

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Chad, I could be wrong but I think all of the Smartwool's are NTS. If you look at the Smartwool website it lists the "standard" baselayer as NTS in the side bar. I think the difference is the Smartwool MSRP is $60 and they have a price of $64.95 here. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.

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NTS stands for Next-To-Skin. This is the designation for all their baselayer pieces. There is no difference in the fabric or fit. It is simply a name that is used in the current models on the Backcountry site. If there is a price difference, it is likely due to model year.