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What is the difference between a medium...

What is the difference between a medium and wide chaco z/1 unaweep? Is it merely the length of strap or is the footbed wider too? And by how much?

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Both the Z/1 and the Z/2 are made in wide versions. The footbed itself is wider, but I can't say by how much. Also, with both the Z/1 and the Z/2, the straps usually go around (rather than over) the widest part of the foot, so by adjusting the straps it is usually possible for people with wider feet (or even a bunion) to get a comfortable fit. For people with narrow feet, it can be a little more difficult.

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The difference between the medium and wide is that the wide is approximately 1/4" more than the medium across the ball of the foot and is also slightly larger in the heel area.