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What is the difference (besides the gauntlet)...

What is the difference (besides the gauntlet) between this and the heli?

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These have a wool liner and the Heli have a waterproof membrane whereas these use just the leather to keep moisture out.

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There seems to be some confusion regarding this glove. Backcountry has an incorrect description listed above. I think the description above is for the hestra guide glove. So to set the record straight -

Except for the shorter cuff this glove is virtually the same as the heli. It uses a synthetic liner (not wool) which is removable. The liner is exactly the same as that included in the heli glove. Army leather in palm and fingertips (no cowhide). It does not use outseams (for example seen on the vertical cut or seth model).

I just ordered a pair and they are great gloves. The cuff has been slightly revised compared to last year. The zipper was removed. Now there is a single strap with velcro to secure the cuff.